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Live Music Scene in Sedona

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Sedona and The Verde Valley are bursting with live music. 


The nightlife in Sedona, Arizona is alive and well.  From local part-time musicians performing on the weekends, to full time recording artists polishing the songs for their new CD in front of a live audience and national touring acts coming to the Red Rocks for inspiration, Sedona is a hot-bed of live music and live music venues.  With a full time population of less than 15,000 residents the Verde Valley area which includes Sedona, West Sedona, Village of Oak Creek, Cottonwood, Jerome, Clarkdale, Cornville  and Oak Creek is has numerous establishments which host live music performances of all kinds.

You might think “New Age” when you first consider the music scene in Sedona, but there is an eclectic mix spanning all musical styles.  Jazz, R&B, Classical, Country, Rock & Roll, Alternative, New Age, Worship, Classic Rock, Latin, World Beat, Irish, Blues…. and a few styles yet to be named.

Live Music Venues

Sedona and the Verde Valley has more than it’s share of live music venues from intimate coffee houses and book stores to concert venues, restaurants, night clubs and bars.  Here are a few.  More live music venues in the area can be found at

Relics – Restaurant and Night Club in West Sedona

Red’s Restaurant at Sedona Rouge in West Sedona

The Marketplace Hollywood Cafe  in the Village of Oak Creek

The Full Moon Saloon in the Village of Oak Creek

Ken’s Creekside American Bistro in Sedona

Old Town Center for the Arts in Cottonwood

Olde Sedona Bar & Grill in West Sedona

The Spirit Room in Jerome

The Well Red Coyote bookstore in West Sedona

Paul & Jerry’s Saloon in Jerome

The 10-12 Lounge in Clarkdale

The Old Corral in Cornville

Studio Live in West Sedona

Oak Creek Brewing Company in West Sedona

and many, many more…

For more information about places to see live music in Sedona and the Verde Valley visit


Musicians in Sedona

Although Sedona, Cottonwood, Jerome and the Verde Vally have been home to many musicians who have grown up in these parts, many traveling musicians call this area their home when they are not on the road.  Some of the part-time Sedona musician residents are world renowned. 

Take for example Anthony Mazella.  A quiet young man when you first meet him. Then you watch him perform and before long you are transformed into a world where few guitarists have ever taken an audience.   Anthony Mazzella is a professional concert guitarist, recording artist and producer. BILLBOARD Magazine describes him as “the new generation of guitar hero” and GUITAR ONE magazine voted him “one of the top ten guitarists in the country“. Anthony released 9 CD’s, tours internationally, made guest appearances on major artist’s releases, receives airplay on national radio and satellite television, and has an independent film soundtrack to his credit. He is an established presence in the genre of instrumental music and has many new projects on the horizon.

Anthony began studying music on the violin at age five. He then proceeded to learn the rudiments of music on piano until falling in love with the guitar at age thirteen. Throughout his adolescence he studied with several private guitar teachers, but Anthony attributes the greater part of his education to ear training. His influences are many, but none more profound than the music and techniques of guitar masters such as Michael Hedges, Pat Metheny, Carlos Montoya, Eddie Van Halen, Andres Segovia and countless others. In the nineties Anthony shared his musical insights by teaching at Knopf Music (where he once took guitar lessons), as a private instructor, and at the Long Island School for Music and Arts. Anthony was also one of the few chosen understudies of world-renowned guitar master Stanley Jordan .

In 2007 & 2008 Anthony took time off the road and produced 5 new shows for the community of Sedona AZ which were as follows: Theater of Ascension which consisted of Anthony’s original music set to drums and percussion, native flute and accompanied by 3 modern dancers. East Verse West which was a band collaboration with Philadelphia power rhythm section Ivan Leibowitz on bass and brother Michael on drums plus guest saxophonists. Vega which featured 2 drummers, 2 percussionists and Anthony on 10 string guitar & bass. DJuitar which was inspired by Anthony’s working with a variety of DJ’s in Rome, Amsterdam and Istanbul . He would accompany a Euro style DJ set in a dance party atmosphere. Guitar Amore which was a solo guitar variety show featuring some of Arizona ’s finest guitarists. In this period he would also perform with the Electric Harp Guitar Group, Gabriella Young and of course solo.

Anthony currently resides in New York City where he continues his studies by exploring music from cultures all over the world and collaborating with musicians indigenous to those regions. His mission is driven by the desire to “give life to music and music to life.”  However, the winters find him in Sedona where he takes inspiration from his many friends and fans and from performing in small venues to rave audiences.  You can find his performance schedule on his web site at

Another amazing resident is William Eaton.  Acknowledged as one of the world’s great designers and builders of unique guitars, Eaton’s instruments have been featured in books, magazines, video, luthier conventions and at international exhibits. As an apprentice to John Roberts he built his first guitar in 1971. Along with Roberts and Bob Venn, he co-founded the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix in 1975, where he continues as director of the school and creator of new instruments.  

An innovative artist Eaton’s musical composition is an evocative style that captures the spirit of the Southwest. Combining structure with improvisation he has written scores for chamber orchestra and Sonoran desert ensembles, ambient landscape music, lyric folk songs, indigenous trance music, and sound track scores including the Emmy award winning video “Beyond Tradition.” He has composed and co-composed ten albums for Canyon Records including the Grammy nominated Ancestral Voices and In A Distant Place.

William has performed and recorded as a soloist, with Native American Flutist R. Carlos Nakai, percussionist Will Clipman, Tibetan flutist Nawang Khechog with the Nouveau West Chamber Orchestra, the Nebraska Chamber Orchestra, and with ensembles he has formed, including musicians: Clipman, Claudia Tulip, Allen Ames, Mary Redhouse, Edgar Meyer, Udi Arouh, Arvel Bird, Robert Tree Cody, Rachel Harris, Keith Johnson, Vusi Shibambo, Fitzhugh Jenkins, Zirque Bonner, and the Monks of the Tibetan Drepung Loseling Monastery.

William’s current project is as founder and manager of the Old Town Center for the Arts in Cottonwood, AZ.  He and his wife Christine have turned an old church into a wonderfully  intimate arts and  concert venue in the heart of the Verde Valley.  A short drive from Sedona this small concert and events facility has the charm of old world Arizona and brings an eclectic mix of music and entertainment from Contemporary music to “Poetry Slam” to classical concerts.  For more info visit  By the way, there is an excellent small cafe adjacent to the Theatre.

There are far too many to mention here, but some of the other notable resident Sedona musicians include:

Chris Speeris – Musician/composer/writer/ photographer  –

Patrick Ki – Guitarist/Composer –

Susannah Martin – Vocalist/vocal coach/Sedona Jazz on the Rocks –

Theresa Robertson – Lead vocalist with The Heaters –

Bob Murnahan – Guitarist  

Eric Miller – Guitarist –

Alex Ogburn – Guitarist –

Jeanie Carroll – Vocalist/DJ –

Nathan Trujillo – Radio Dogma –

Vyktoria Pratt Keating – Vocalist/Guitarist –  &

Jimmy Mack – renowned bassist –

Karl Jones – Singer/songwriter/guitarist –

Shondra Jepperson – vocalist/guitarist/producer –

Jeff Bell & One Man’s Trash – National blues recording artist –

Tom Tayback – Lead singer and guitarist  – the Daddy O’s/ radio personality –


For more information about Live Music in Sedona visit


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